Never Liked It Anyhow: The e-bay for Breakups

TL;DR: If you have ever had products left from a breakup that you can’t stand examining anymore, never ever Liked It anyhow is THE site for your needs. Providing the choice buying, sell and tell things ex, NLIA truly will be the eBay for breakups.

Breakups blow, but the worst components is when all things in your apartment reminds you of the ex.

That band the guy provided you that is too large, those artisanal cup flutes you got on the basic road trip, the show tickets you bought on an impulse to visit see his preferred band – all remind you that you’re now unmarried.

With Never enjoyed It Anyway, now you can eliminate that stuff whilst getting reduce the mind of your own ex all at exactly the same time. Who wouldn’t love that?!

A cathartic method of getting over a separation 

Founder Annabel Acton started this site in 2012 as a way for ladies to “drop the tales and the stuff.”

She knows the majority of women are not likely to put on the jewelry or use the furniture again, so why not provide them with an easy way to end up being active inside their breakups?

“it’s simply a long-term note of the items moved completely wrong. There are a lot thoughts attached to situations, and sometimes it’s just more straightforward to begin again,” she said. “We’re actually about seeking the gold coating faster, so the objective is to assist people feel fantastic quicker.”

Just would customers provide a real-world price and a breakup price when creating products listing, nonetheless can also discuss their own bounce-back programs, things they are going to perform using money to help them through the recovery process, such as for example taking a trip to Asia to master Mandarin or obtaining that pixie haircut they have always imagined.

The website has sold over 5,000 items over the last two years, the most expensive being an $18,500 band together with weirdest being a body pillow, and there’s actually a TV show in the works.

But beyond all of that, Acton mentioned it really is the site’s balance of wit and help that people are raving about.

“In my opinion people benefit from the quirkiness of it plus the proven fact that it’s the initial step to having right back control,” she stated. “This is the whole experience of you have got to vent and inform your story, as well as when you begin to give some thought to your bounce-back program, you set about to choose yourself right up slightly.”

Having good leave an awful scenario 

in the place of using breakups in an effort to bash exes or give up on love, never ever Liked It anyhow uses breakups in an effort to give back on the neighborhood by donating 10 percent of the earnings towards the American Heart Association, which Acton said helps keep circumstances in point of view.

“when you are experiencing awful, it really is wonderful to keep in mind there are more those that have bigger issues than your own,” she stated.

And Acton merely wants that principle growing by appealing a-listers to market their own break up baggage and give each in the income toward foundation of their choice. She’s actually had one star already participate – among ladies from “the true Housewives of D.C.” sold her wedding gown and donated the funds.

“If we can begin stimulating individuals offer and donate all of the profits, that would be remarkable,” she mentioned.

Acton additionally hopes to offer more to her people by providing brand name content material and dealing together with other businesses that desire to help women on the path to data recovery, whether that is through gymnasium memberships, makeovers and much more.

“it is more about once you understand the really worth and owning that,” she mentioned. “We just need to make certain we become noted for an attitude, that’s almost ‘You deserve the best. Yes, it sucks now, but put your greatest base ahead and you will return to your very own fantastic quickly enough.'”